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Statement Letterpress + Design is a small Letterpress print shop dedicated to making unique, handcrafted cards, journals, books and prints.

Tree of Immortality


Tree of Immortality

IMG_0434 - Copy.jpg
IMG_0434 - Copy.jpg

Tree of Immortality


This print is part of the Permanent Ink Project by Statement Press which aims to raise funds and awareness through collaborative prints. All profits from the sale of this print goes toward the International Rescue Committee and their mission to aid people in humanitarian crisis. You can read more about the Permanent Ink Project and the Tree of Immortality print here.

This print was made in collaboration with the letterpress printer Bonnie Bernstein. This hand colored print was produced in a very limited edition of 15. It is printed with chin colle on Kitakata and Stonehenge papers

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Artist Statement

Our Tree of Life is uprooted, as are so many families in the war-torn countries of the Middle East.

We were particularly moved by an interview with Mohammad Al-Khashali, owner of the Shabandar Café, a literary gathering place in Baghdad. Mr. Al-Khashali lost four sons and a grandson in the bombing of the booksellers’ market on Mutanabbi Street in 2007. He likened the impact of their deaths on his family to a tree “ripped from the roots with all its fruit.”  (

Thought by many to be the site of the Garden of Eden, Iraq is a confluence for Tree of Life symbolism in texts sacred to our own families’ religious beliefs: the Quran and the Old Testament. We have referenced some of this symbology in our artwork. The page is torn as an act of kriah, the rending of garments by Jews in mourning. The difficult question – “Have you taken the fruit of his heart?” – is from the Quran, when Allah asks his angels to reaffirm the faith of a devotee who has lost a son.

Art by Amira Hegazy; Chin collé, letterpress printing and hand-coloring on Kitakata and Stonehenge papers by Bonnie Bernstein and Amira Hegazy.