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Statement Letterpress + Design is a small Letterpress print shop dedicated to making unique, handcrafted cards, journals, books and prints.

Permanent Ink Project

Permanent Ink Project

Printing is revolutionary. It makes manifest ideas: gives them flesh, texture, beauty. You can hold a print. You can share a print.  You can inspire permanent change with a print. 

Printing was invented to make knowledge more accessible so even the most poor could learn and raise their status. In that tradition, we are making our own statement to give the power of the press to voices that need to be emboldened and multiplied in print.  With the Permanent Ink Project we aim to use the print to help people and humanitarian causes around the world. Each month we are partnering with writers, artists, musicians, creators, and activists to create prints and donating all post-production profit to the humanitarian cause that inspired them. 


Tree of immortality

The "Tree of Immortality" is a limited edition print in collaboration with Bonnie Bernstein. It is inspired by Muslim and Jewish mourning traditions and a story told by an Iraqi man who lost his sons in a bombing while they worked in a print shop. It celebrates the beauty of Persian and Islamic artistic traditions and he human capacity to move forward and keep growing through unimaginable grief. Tree of Immortality is the first print of the Permanent Ink Project. All profits from the sale of this edition will be donated to the International Rescue Committee to aid refugees and people needing relief from life shattering political violence.

Water Protectors

Coming soon: for the water protectors

A group of 11 notable and passionate Native women have teamed up with me to create a series of poetry broadsides for the protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Each broadside will make up part of a continuous 11 ft long landscape print featuring images of water and Native American strength, life and beauty. All profits will go toward the school at the protest camp. Follow along here as the project progresses toward a February 2017 release. 

Are you and artist, writer, activist, or creator? Want to collaborate for your cause? Send us an email at we'd love to work with you!

Be a sponsor 

High quality prints are expensive and time consuming to produce, we want to ensure that the artists and collaborators on each project are paid for their content while still keeping the cost of our prints low so everyone can participate! By being a sponsor you are helping us reduce the amount of time to raise funds for each project and ensuring that we can donate more of each project to the causes that need it most.  Thank you!