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5 East Washington Street
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Statement Letterpress + Design is a small Letterpress print shop dedicated to making unique, handcrafted cards, journals, books and prints.


At Statement Press all of our products are hand pressed on vintage presses. The most recognizable quality of letterpress is the impression the printing makes on the paper and the high quality papers used to print with. All elements of Letterpress are hand picked for each specific project, every print is custom and unique. 

What is Letterpress?

Letterpress printing is a relief printing process with its roots in the Gutenberg Press, the first printing press ever made. Today we do not use modified wine presses, as Gutenberg did, though many of the presses we use are between 100 - 70 years old. Up until the 1960's letterpress was the primary form of printing for both art and commercial processes. With the advent of the offset press and its quick and low man power printing, letterpress machines were phased out. In the last 20 years letterpress has seen a revival in specialty and art printing because of its distinct feel, quality, and craft. 

Traditionally letterpress printers used lead and wood type to create their design. Each letter had to be set and checked one by one. Now we still use type but are not limited by it, instead we have new digital processes that allow us to make any graphic image into a letterpress plate to print. 

how does it work?

Letterpress creates an image using pressure and ink: the image or text is covered in a thin layer of ink, then the paper is pressed firmly onto the inked design. This pressure creates a distinct impression onto the paper and transfers the ink. Each color has to be printed in a separate process because only one color can be on the press rollers at a time. 


Letterpress printing is unique because of its graphic appearance, deep impression and history. It is also one of the very few printing processes that can adapt to almost any type of surface. For example Letterpress can be used for fabric, heavy paper, and even uncommon materials like handmade papers and specialty textured paper. Every part of the printing process is controlled and checked as it comes off the press, ensuring that each piece is exactly the way you want it.